He’s Not a Tame Lion!

Written By: John - Sep• 04•12

For the last few days I’ve been reading the Minor Prophets and I have also been reading JC Ryle’s book, Holiness, and studying the book of Daniel.  When you think about the power, holiness, mercy, grace, and wrath of God it is amazing that we can think so lightly of God.

I remember hearing about Daniel and the Lion’s Den as a child and I always pictured him cuddling up to the lions and going to sleep.  For years I would go to the zoo and see the lions and think it would be great to be able to pet one, but when you see one in the wild it changes everything.

I took this picture this summer.  We were just feet away from the lion and as we watched the lions I was thinking of two things—first, I thought about the appropriateness of Jesus being the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and second I thought about the phrase in CS Lewis’ book, “He is not a tame lion.”

The God we worship is a holy God.  He is not the man up stairs, He is not a co-pilot, He is not sitting in a rocking chair waiting for His grandchildren to come home…He is the God who is in heaven and who is in control.  The only appropriate response we can give to Him is to worship Him.


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