The Work of the Holy Spirit in our Sanctification (part 2)

Written By: John - Jul• 26•12

For the last few days I’ve been quoting from Puritan writers John Flavel and John Owen.  Today I want to go back to a book that I’ve quoted from a while back by Dan Phillips.  In The World-Tilting Gospel Phillips spoke of the work of the Holy Spirit and the work He calls us to do.  He quoted Romans 8:13 and said,

“Note well:

  • Christians themselves must put to death the practices of the body.
  • Christians themselves cannot put to death the practices of the body unaided.
  • Christians themselves must put to death the practices of the body by the Spirit.”

He then quoted from John Owen and asked, “But how do you do any of this?  I have to do it.  But I can’t. But I must.  I can only do it by the Spirit.  How?  The answer is in putting it all together…But in this connection, let me just say that I mean we must put together all four of these points.  To wit:

1.   Thank God for the vast storehouse of riches He has given us when He poured out His Spirit on us; and

2.   Trust God that this God the Holy Spirit will not fail us, but will delight to do His work in and through us; and

3.   Target the glory of the splendors of the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do, by the single-minded focus of faith; so as to

4.   Toil with everything the Holy Spirit gives us toward that end—thanking God as He does, trusting Him to continue to do so, targeting Christ, and toiling yet more and more!” (pages 274-275)

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  1. Dan Phillips says:

    I don’t know how I missed this when you first wrote it and other selections from TWTG. Thanks for catching and sharing this.

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