The Power of Jesus’ Ascension!

Written By: John - Jul• 17•12

On Saturday night I started reading CS Lewis to Kimberly Joy.  We started reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and it has been great.  We just read one chapter on Saturday, but on Sunday night I read the second chapter and asked, “Do you want to read one…” and before I could get out the words “…more chapter,” she gave me an emphatic “Yes!”  I can’t wait to take her through The Chronicles of Narnia one chapter at a time and to help her see the Gospel come alive through CS Lewis’ imagination.

I listened to a sermon by Tim Keller today called The Ascension.  Wow!  What a great sermon, but in the sermon he began to talk about the nature of the ascension and he said, “God does not relate to us a man in the attic relates to people on the first floor.”  As he continued to explain the nature of the ascension I thought about the story I was reading to KJ. 

CS Lewis created a world called Narnia and in that world we meet dwarfs, fawns, centaurs, witches, and of course Aslan through the eyes of Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter.  Keller speaks of another playwright, but if we were to consider CS Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia for a moment we would have to realize that Narnia is a world created by Lewis and the only way for any of the creatures in that fantasy world to know CS Lewis would be for CS Lewis to write himself into the play. 

God is not of this world, but He made this world.  The only way for you and I to be able to know Him is for Him to come to us.  God moved into human history and changed it, but the only way for that story to be known was through the Ascension of Jesus.  We celebrate the Birth of Christ, we celebrate the Death of Christ, and we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, but Keller points out that those things would be of no use without the Ascension of Christ.  The Ascension takes all that Jesus was and did on the earth and releases it into our lives.  It is now possible for us to know Him because He went back to Heaven where He can once more be everywhere and minister to everyone. 

You can find the sermon here.  I would highly encourage you to listen to it . 

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