April 14, Words of Wisdom from Gus!

Written By: John - Apr• 14•12

One of the things I love about being gone on mission trips is that I am reminded of just how much I love my wife and my girls.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder, but last year while I was in Kenya and again while I was in China a few weeks ago I earnestly prayed that God would cause my heart to long for Kim and to miss her daily—even when we saw one another and will soon see one another again.

I have discovered that great secret to a marriage that glorifies God is that I love Kim as Christ loved the Church.  I have also discovered that the love to which I am called is not humanly possible.  I simply can’t do it, but God can do it within me.  Paul said, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace…”  My prayer is that God will love Kim through me.

It isn’t that Kim is hard to love—she is the most beautiful and Christ centered woman I know…she is easy to love, but I am so fleshly.  I spend so much time focusing on myself and my needs that I forget the call to love her selflessly.  I forget the call to love her as Jesus loved me.

The other day Kim and I were taking an evening golf-cart ride around our neighborhood.  (Don’t judge!, she runs in the morning and I run in the evening!!)  The road in our neighborhood is just a little over a half mile and we ride around a couple of times talking and just enjoying being together.  As we were driving I saw one of the neighborhood boys carrying his scooter.  I asked him what he was doing carrying his scooter and he said, “Oh, it always carries me so I thought I would carry it!” 

Kim and I almost cried laughing, but I thought about that statement from my buddy Gus.  How many times do we think we must carry the Holy Spirit when He wants to carry us?  How many times do we think we must do the work of God when God wants to do the work through us?  I don’t mean we must just “let go and let God,” but I do mean we must step forward knowing that except for the grace of God we could not do one single thing that will glorify Him.  We cannot love, we cannot have joy, we cannot have peace, we cannot even breathe without Him. 

I urge you to start your day acknowledging that you need Him and by asking Him to fill you with His Spirit.  Know this—Jesus was not just making use of ‘preacher talk’ when He said, “Apart from me you can do nothing!”  He meant it then and He means it now!

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