Feb 9, From the Mouth of Babes (A Romans 8:28 Story)!

Written By: John - Feb• 09•12

A few weeks ago I took Hollie, my third daughter, to her doctor’s appointment for what I thought would be a routine checkup.  For the last four and a half years Hollie has been wearing a back brace at night for scoliosis.  In August of last year the doctor told us that she could stop wearing the brace for a while due to the fact that she had not been wearing it for a few months and that her curve had not worsened.  We were thrilled at that news and were praying that he would tell us that we could stick to that plan.

Hollie and I were playing our typical doctor’s examination room game of “I spy” as we waited on the doctor to come share the good news from her x-ray, but instead of coming into the room as he normally did the doctor stuck his head in and told us that he was going to get another x-ray of her hand.  Now I have a doctors degree, but it is the kind of degree that my grandfather’s third wife described as “the kind that doesn’t do you any good!”  In other words, my degree is a Doctor of Ministry degree and not a Medical Degree, but even I knew that we were there to see about her back and not her hand.  Something was up and my stomach began to churn.

After a few more moments he came in and told me the curve had grown and that her growth plates, the reason for the x-ray of the hand, indicated that she still had much growing to do and that we needed to ‘fix’ the problem.  I thought ‘fixing’ the problem would involve going back to the brace at night, but I was horrified to hear the ‘fix’ would involve putting rods into her spine to straighten her back.

We asked several questions and the doctor patiently answered every one.  The doctor left us to get ready to leave and I will never forget Hollie’s response…she said, “Dad, all things work together for the good!”  My sixth grade daughter was quoting Romans 8:28 to her father who also happened to be her pastor and who was about to lose it and was simply trying to hold it all together. 

She is right!  God does work all things together for the good of those who love the Lord and who are called to His purposes and Hollie loves the Lord and she is called to His purposes…I don’t know what God is going to do through this, but I do know He has great things in store for my beautiful baby girl.

Last week we took her to another surgeon in South Carolina where my father-in-law practices medicine and he confirmed that she does indeed need the surgery and we are not left with a decision—which doctor do we use?  Hollie also has a pace maker and that puts another kink into the story, but we are praying and seeking wisdom and I would covet your prayers for her healing, for God’s wisdom, and for peace in the process should God choose to allow her to go through the surgery and find healing through the doctor’s hands rather than through His supernatural touch. 

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  1. Betty Prestriedge says:

    John & Kim- I have a very dear friend who’s grandaughter just had this operation in BAYLOR HOSPITAL.(Dallas,Texas) I will get the information if you write me or better I will get the information NOW and send it to you & Kim. Praying for all of you,Betty Prestriedge

  2. Poke The Fire says:

    “Out of the mouth of babes…” As a parent who had a child w/ a significant illness one time, I know what you went through… and may be ahead. It is good for us to have these events come into our lives. God is reminding us that our theology isn’t intellectual, it is real.

    Will be praying for all the Thweatts that: 1) God is glorified, 2) To be strengthened in the inner man, 3) That Hollie’s procedures go well and are successful.

    Bless you all…

  3. Dean and Laurie Rippetoe says:

    My husband and I went through this situation a year ago with our son, Josiah. He was 16 years old at the time of his surgery. Our family will pray for wisdom and healing. Our son’s surgery was to correct an 89 degree curve. He has 2 rods and 20 screws. He is now doing wonderful. The surgery lasted 12 hrs. Our doctor, at one point, told us to pray because they couldn’t get him to move his legs. We did and we trusted our Lord and praise Him, everything is great, now. We tried everything before surgery and God led us down that path. We have a wonderful doctor, here, in Oklahoma, and in December was told that he can do whatever he thinks he can do now. Praying for your family, The Rippetoe’s in OKC

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