Meditating on Christ!

Written By: John - Jan• 09•17

“I counsel you to think highly of Christ, and of free, free grace, more  than you did before: for I know that Christ is not known amongst us.  I think that I see more of Christ than I ever saw; and yet I see but little of what may be seen.  Oh, that he would draw by the curtains, and that the King would come out of his gallery and his palace, that I might see him!  Christ’s love is young glory and young heaven; it would soften hell’s pain to be filled with it…Oh, what price can be given for him!  Angels cannot weigh him.  Oh, his weight, his worth, his sweetness, his over-passing beauty…If ten thousand worlds of angels were created, they might all tire themselves in wondering at his beauty…Oh, that I could (come near) to kiss his feet, to hear his voice, to feel the smell of his ointments!  But oh, alas, I have little, little of him!  Yet I long for more.”

Samuel Rutherford

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