“This is God!”

Written By: John - Mar• 07•16

“The triune God of Scripture lives! He is not static. He is not lifeless. He is not bored. He is not boring. He is the living God!

He is the Father of lights, found of divinity, origin of origins, begetting yet unbegotten, deity prime, the almighty makes of heaven and earth.

He is the beloved Son, Word of the Father, God’s sermon and song, His image and wisdom, very God of very God, begotten before all worlds.

He is the Holy Spirit, breath of the living God, the river of His delights, the oil of His beard, the glad bond of loving union, proceeding from Father and Son.

This is God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, knowing each other, loving each other, delighting in each other, from all eternity, with no needs, no wants, no lack. Complete and total and infinite happiness. This is who God is.

This is not abstract deity, no impersonal divinity. God is love—dynamic, alive, abundant, and overflowing. Relationship is at the heart of reality. The original Word of this God is God over again. His love for Himself is so potent that He’s a person.

Absentee landlord? Hardly. Generic watchmaker? Not a chance. He is a jealous husband, a consuming fire, a cloud of glory that outshines the sun. He is a thundering tornado of knowledge and love and joy and life.” (Joe Rigney, The Things of Earth, page 44)

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