Peyton Manning and the Man Upstairs

Written By: John - Feb• 08•16

OK, I’ll admit what you may already know…I’m not a Peyton Manning fan. I love his family, I love his commercials, and I recognize the fact that he is one of the best quarterbacks to have ever played the game, but I just don’t like to watch him play. It’s personal preference, it is totally subjective, and it is purely my opinion.

I do appreciate the class with which he has always carried himself, and I appreciate the absolute dedication to the game, and there is something sentimental in me that is glad he can walk away a champion. (I’ll have to admit that sentimental part is really small and it pained me to even write it and I’m not sure it will make it to the final draft!)

I’m a defensive guy—not just a defensive guy—I’m an old Raider’s defensive guy. I like nasty football…the kind that hits hard, the kind that plays to the echo of the whistle, and I have never really liked any quarterback! They play with a sense of entitlement…they play like everyone else should get tackled and that they should be treated as if they were playing flag football. It grinds at me, but I’m digressing.

Here is why I’m writing this blog today. Peyton Manning has every right to be overjoyed, but did you notice one of his comments last night. He said it twice—he talked about saying a prayer and thanking the Man upstairs. I know he is a quarterback, I know he was overjoyed, and I know that I should give him some slack, but God isn’t Man upstairs—He is God. Let me close with a quote from Tozer because he said it better than I ever could,

“Worship… rises or falls with our concept of God; that is why I do not believe in these half-converted cowboys who call God the Man Upstairs. I do not think they worship at all because their concept of God is unworthy of God and unworthy of them. And if there is one terrible disease in the Church of Christ, it is that we do not see God as great as He is. We’re too familiar with God.”

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  1. Susan says:

    I totally agree. I was smiling and happy for him and thinking how well spoken he was and then he had to say that. I cringed. That comment and when someone refers to God as the big man….makes me shudder!!!

  2. Greg says:

    I agree…I am a HUGE Peyton fan, but hated his comment last night. God is not ur good buddy. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, but he is Holy and Righteous. We have gotten to a point we want to relate to God as if he is one of us. Can’t happen, we are sinners n need of Hos grace and love.

  3. mary ann wills says:

    Well John, I never thought of it that was so you being a pastor I am sure you are right, but he did say he prayed for the safety of all prayers on both sides.
    As you can tell I am a Paton fan not only of him but his whole family.
    At least you will have to give him credit of not walking off before the interview.
    Hope you and your family are good and would love to see all of you and your sweet mom and dad.

  4. Richard Pettijohn says:

    Worse yet, PM said “I’m going to drink a bunch of beer, and then say a prayer to the man upstairs and thank him.”

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