Happy Anniversary Kim Thweatt!

Written By: John - Nov• 06•15

20121105120008_001Today Kim and I celebrate 22 years of marriage! I can say that if you were to take all of the gifts God has given to me, she is second only to my salvation. I understand why the writer of Proverbs said of a woman who fears the Lord, “Her children rise up and caller her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”

I remember the first time I saw her at Lake Forest Ranch.  I remember the times I got to drive from Texas and meet her at my grandparents.  Her smile was worth the hours of driving.  I remember the beauty radiating from her as she walked the aisle.  I remember the joy when she told me we were going to have Hannah and Hope and Hollie and Kimberly Joy!  I remember the beauty…the breathtaking beauty…of Kim taking her firstborn daughter into her arms and softly singing over her.  I’ll never forget that!

Kim once asked me, as only a wife can ask her husband, “If I die what would you miss the most?”  I gave a smart aleck answer, as only I can, but I thought about it.  There are the obvious things that I would miss, but one day it dawned on me…the thing I would miss the most is hearing her sitting at the piano in our home singing, just singing, to Jesus.  I get to watch her lead worship every Sunday and when she does I see the beauty of my beautiful bride helping the Bride worship our Savior.

God has indeed blessed me beyond all measure and I am thankful for you Mrs. Kim Thweatt. Happy Anniversary!

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