Our Two Journeys!

Written By: John - Feb• 23•15

A while back I picked up Andrew Davis’ book, An Infinite Journey. I finally started reading it today and the first few chapters were really helpful. As Christians, Davis said, we are involved in two journeys. The first is external—it involves the “worldwide advance of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to all nations.” The second journey is inward—it involves the journey from “being dead in sin to gloriously perfect in Christ.” (page 18)

He went on to talk about the external journey and said,

“The Church has been traveling this journey for almost two thousand years…Missionaries have crossed the burning sands of the Arabian Desert, the forbidding slopes of the Karakoram Mountains, the measureless expanses of the Pacific Ocean, and the dangerous wilds of the jungles of Irian Jaya. Martyrs have suffered persecution and died, families have suffered tropical illnesses and died, missionaries have suffered starvation and died, all to accomplish the ‘advance of the gospel,’ to make progress along this external journey.” (page 19)

As I read I was struck by the sacrifice of those who have carried the Gospel to the Nations, but then Davis turned his attention to the inward journey and compared the journeys of Captain Cook and William Carrey.

It was said of Cook, “He left nothing unattempted,” and Carrey, who was moved by the adventures of Cook as a boy, famously said, “Expect great things from God, and attempt great things for God.” I loved what Davis said,

“We need to spare nothing in our efforts to reach as high in personal Christlikeness as Carey reached wide in missionary achievement. We need to take on sin patterns and defeat them by the power of the Spirit. We need to make ambitious resolutions in Scripture memorization and prayer and character development, and see those goals met to the glory of God. We should yearn to reach the end of our days here on earth knowing that we never rested in our efforts to grow to maximum Christlikeness. We should fear lying on our deathbed and groaning, knowing that we let some lust or sin habit rob us of the best years of our lives here on earth. What was said of Captain James Cook concerning the immeasurable secular journey must also be said of us concerning our infinite spiritual journey in sanctification: ‘We left nothing unattempted.” (pages 26-27)

Are we growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ? Are we living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and is the Word of Christ dwelling in us richly? In the words of David, are we earnestly seeking God, is our soul thirsting for God, and does our flesh faint for God?

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