Flying High and Trusting God

Written By: John - Feb• 02•15

I read a comment by Tozer today that got me to thinking…he said, “You always know that you are losing altitude when things begin to get big.” Have you ever sat by the window on a long flight? I’m always amazed at just how small things look from 30,000 feet and above, but as you begin to descend you begin to see things as they are. That’s true physically, but what about spiritually?

Have you ever been around someone that makes a mountain out of every single molehill? What may be a miniscule problem for the average person is blown out of proportion and you would think a hangnail was as serious as open-heart surgery. Have you ever been around someone like that? Are you like that?

When I pray. When I worship. When I spend time in the presence of God. When I do those things I find the problems on earth seem as small as observing a man riding an elephant from 30,000 feet above. It is still big, but it just doesn’t seem that big from that perspective.

When we worship God we begin to see things from His perspective it isn’t that the problem isn’t big, serious, or even important, but it is not out of His control. It’s like a child playing under a homemade fort…suddenly the pillows and blankets cave it—they scream because they can’t move the object, but it is an easy thing for mom or dad. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present…when we see our problems from His ability rather than our inability we have no reason to fear.

That is why it is important for us to follow Paul’s command, “Pray without ceasing.” As we worship and pray we continually know that God has this under control!

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