The Saint Must Walk Alone

Written By: John - Dec• 10•14

Over the years AW Tozer has spoken to my heart. He just seems to understand the deep frustrations of my inner being and has the knack of feeding my soul in just the right way. His words are not always easy to swallow, but they always nourish me.

Recently I read a chapter, “The Saint Must Walk Alone.” You can read it here, but I wanted to share the final paragraph.

“The weakness of so many modern Christians is that they feel too much at home in the world. In their effort to achieve restful ‘adjustment’ to unregenerate society they have lost their pilgrim character and become an essential part of the very moral order against which they are sent to protest. The world recognizes them and accepts them for what they are. And this is the saddest thing that can be said about them. They are not lonely, but neither are they saints.”

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  1. Rick says:

    This is a message I read every so often. I need the encouragement of AW Tozer in this message. It is most difficult, this loneliness he speaks of. I wonder what this is the way God chooses, particularly as I read of the “popular preachers” who seem to be here’s to the Church. I grieve whn I see the truth of the last paragraph of this message.

    I stand with you, brother.

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