Oct 19, Courageous and Epic

Written By: John - Oct• 19•11

A week ago, Sunday, Brandon Kelly threw a hotdog at Tiger Woods while he was preparing to putt.  A 31 year old man threw a hotdog at a professional golfer…do you know why?  He said he watched the movie Drive and said, (I am not making this up!) “I have to do something courageous and epic.”  A 31 year old man thought throwing a hotdog at a professional golfer was courageous and epic!

Let’s look at the two terms.  First, the dictionary says courage is the quality of mind that enables one to face danger with confidence.  Second, the word epic when used in this sense speaks of something majestic or heroic.  Now maybe I am missing something, but what part of throwing a hotdog at a professional golfer while he is preparing to putt a ball is courageous and epic? 

If you want to be courageous and if you want to do something epic then I suggest you go to Luke 9:23 and live it.  I would suggest you go to a place where the only hotdog they have ever heard of is a hot dog panting in the shade and give them the Gospel for the first time.  I would suggest you go to school and refuse to blend into the environment.  I would suggest that you go to work and dare to be Christ-like.  I would suggest you…, well you get the point.

Throwing a hotdog at Tiger Woods is stupid and idiotic, but it certainly is not courageous and epic.

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