The Manifest Presence of God

Written By: John - Oct• 01•14

You and I are in the presence of God…right now and we have been in His presence every moment of our lives and we will be in His presence for the remainder of our life…there is nowhere you and I can go to escape His presence—there is no place where He is closer and there is no place where He is further…we are in His presence right now.

Tozer asks an important question, “If God is present, if we cannot go where He is not, cannot even conceive of a place where He is not, why then has not that Presence become the one universally celebrated fact of the world?” He answers his question with a quote from Jacob, “Surely, the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not.” Our lack of knowledge does not change the fact that God is here, but our lack of knowledge does impact our experience of His presence.

Think of how transformational this is—if we were truly aware of the presence of God every moment would be an opportunity for worship! Paul and Silas were beaten with rods and given “many blows,” but in the middle of the night, backs aching from the rods, feet aching from the stocks, they were praying and singing hymns to God in the midst of the prison. They were obviously aware of the presence of God and His presence made the difference.

Throughout the day you and I will either be in the flesh or we will be in the Spirit…we will either walk in the awareness of His presence and enjoy the manifestation of God or we will, like Adam and Eve, try to hide from His presence and miss our on the joy of worship. Day after day and moment by moment we have the opportunity to worship God.

He doesn’t have to come to you—He is already here. You don’t have to go to Him—He is already there. All that is necessary if for you to acknowledge His presence and to worship Him. I think our awareness of the manifest presence of God is the secret to learning to “pray without ceasing.” It is the secret to learning to live with worship as a lifestyle instead of seeing it as something you do on Sunday.

Stop and think of the ramifications of the presence of God. Do you need to stop something because you are in His presence? Do you need to start something because you are in His presence? He is here so talk to Him. He is here so listen to Him. He is here so walk with Him. He is here so glorify Him. He is here so enjoy Him. He is here!

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