In Christ

Written By: John - Sep• 15•14

Over the last weeks I’ve been thinking more and more about what it means to be “in Christ.” I’ve meditated upon Romans 8 for most of the year and the idea of being in Christ and not in the flesh just sort of jumps out and slaps you every time you read it.
This weekend I read AW Tozer’s book, The Pursuit of Man. I’ve read The Pursuit of God more times than I can count, but somehow this book escaped my notice…I can tell you it will be one I will read again and again! In one section of the book Tozer talks about how the Spirit enters us and shares a story from “the old devotional writers of several hundred years ago.” He said,

“We place a piece of iron in a fire and blow up the coals. At first we have two distinct substances, iron and fire. When we insert the iron in the fire we achieve the penetration of the iron and we have not only the iron in the fire but the fire in the iron as well. They are two-distinct substances, but they have co-mingled and interpenetrated to a point that the two have become one.” (page 66)

I wonder if that description is true of you? I admit that you can still clearly see the line of demarcation in my life—the line where John stops and the Spirit begins or the Spirit stops and John begins, but I desperately want to see Him so melt me that I am in Him and He is in me in such a way that you can’t see anything but Him.

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