Son of Adam or Son of God?

Written By: John - Aug• 12•14

In Romans 6:6 Paul said, “We know that our old self was crucified with him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing, so that we would no longer be enslaved to sin.” (ESV)  Sinclair Ferguson spoke of this verse in his book The Holy Spirit.  He said,

“Old self…: In this context, this expression does not refer (as suggested by NIV, ‘old self,’ and by NEB, ‘man we once were’) merely to what I was in volume one of my biorgraphy.  Its significance is derived from the background of Romans 5:12-21; it sets the former life in its cosmic, that is its Adamic, context.  ‘Old self/man’ suggests an unwritten contrast with what I am now in Christ, the ‘new self/man.’  The ‘old man’ is all that I was in Adam before I was united to Jesus Christ: in the flesh, under the dominion of sin, under the condemnation of the law, and destined for death.” (page 147)

I was born a son of Adam, but I have been born again and I’m now a son of God.  I was dead in my sin, but now I am alive in the Spirit.  That old son of Adam was crucified with Jesus and now I am no longer enslaved to sin…there is nothing within the sons of God that force us to sin—when we sin we sin entirely by choice, but that isn’t our nature.

Ferguson said, “The reign of sin is ended.  We are no longer its subjects.” (page 146)  He went on to say, “To continue in sin would be to deny our basic identity as Christians…” It is not that we do not sin…it just means we who are in Christ cannot casually sin.  We cannot live in continual sin because that goes against everything for which our new nature stands.  We are united with Christ, we are in Christ and He is in us…everything about us should change accordingly.

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