Holy Spirit Inspired Repentance

Written By: John - Jun• 17•14

Sinclair Ferguson, in his book The Holy Spirit, discusses repentance.  He concludes with the following,

“The fact that repentance is a gift of the ascended Christ to His people (Acts 5:31) indicates that it comes to us specifically through the ministry of the Spirit.  Its nature indicates how manifold and comprehensive his ministry is.

Christ is a ‘Prince and Savior that he might give repentance and forgiveness of sins to Israel’ (Acts 5:31).  When we ask: ‘By what means does God bring us to repentance?’, the answer must be that it is by the revelation of himself in his word, illuminated by the Spirit.  A right view of God as holy and merciful is the only foundation for genuine evangelical repentance.  His holiness grounds its necessity; his grace and mercy ground its possibility.

Faith and repentance, as expressions of regeneration, are thus not merely inaugural aspects of the Christian life but characteristics and fruits of the Spirit’s ongoing ministry.  Indeed, the entire progress of sanctification is but regeneration coming into its own, and faith and repentance becoming more and more the dominant notes of life in the Spirit.” (Page 138, emphasis added)

This is an incredible statement, but I love the part I put in bold letters—we must repent because God is holy and the only way we can possibly repent is because of God’s grace and mercy.  What a God!  He is so holy that sin must be punished, but He is so full of grace and mercy that He took the punishment upon Himself.

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