The Certainty of our Reconciliation!

Written By: John - Mar• 05•13

This past week I came across a great reminder of the certainty of the work of sanctification in the lives of those whom God justifies.  It comes from RC Sproul in his classic book Holiness.

“Luther used a simple analogy to explain it.  He described the condition of a patient who was mortally ill.  The doctor proclaimed that he had medicine that would surely cure the man.  The instant the medicine was administered, the doctor declared that the patient was well.  At that instant the patient was still sick, but as soon as the medicine passed his lips and entered his body the patient began to get well.  So it is with our reconciliation and justification.  As soon as we truly believe, that very instant we start to get better; the process of becoming pure and holy is underway and its future completion is certain.”

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