What’s your THIS?

Written By: John - Dec• 28•12

I’m always amazed at Jesus’ letters to the seven churches in Revelation.  Jim Hamilton in his book, Revelation: The Spirit Speaks To The Churches, (you can get it here), suggests that the seven letters could be viewed as a picture frame.  The first and seventh letters have similar problems, the second and sixth churches are commended and not reproved; and the middle three churches “seem to progress from bad to worse.”

As you read through the seven letters several phrases jump right off the page: “But I have this against you…,” “But I have a few things against you…,” “But I have this against you…,” “For I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God…,” and “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”  Only the Church in Smyrna and Philadelphia are not reprimanded.  Hamilton said,

“Only two of the seven were not reproved, and when this letter was written, the apostolic age had not yet closed!  The church has never really had a ‘golden age’ when everything was right.  From the beginning there were problems…We need not be excessively discouraged, much less despair, however, because just as Jesus loved these churches enough to reprove and discipline them (3:19), so also he loves us enough to reprove and discipline us.  Then, as now, though, Jesus is committed to building his Church!  Ask God to give you ears to hear what the Spirit is even now saying to the churches through this Word he inspired.”

This year is soon coming to an end.  You have three more days and then it is 2013…if Jesus were to write you a letter evaluating the way you spent the 366 days (Leap Year!) of 2012 what would He say?  I am sure that there are many things for which He could commend you, but I am equally sure that there would be many things for which He would reprimand us.  Here is the question, what would be the “THIS” in the “But I have this against you” of your life?

If Jesus tarries and you live to see the end of the year 2013 will the THIS be a continual reprimand or will it be a mark of commendation?

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